eucanetd on CLC can cause problems if not using VPC


This article is only for users who are running Eucalyptus version 4.1.0


Eucalyptus 4.1.0 onwards AWS VPC support has been introduced into the product. VPC support is currently under tech preview mode only this means official support from the Eucalyptus support team is unavailable if you are using the VPC mode.

The architectural changes introduced to make VPC work in Eucalyptus requires eucanetd running on the CLC. 


As VPC is tech preview only we do not expect users to be running VPC mode under normal circumstances. However even if they aren't running VPC mode in Eucalyptus 4.1.0 the package dependency causes eucanetd to be pulled on the machine running the CLC. This means if you install eucalyptus-cloud package on the CLC you will see eucanetd also getting installed on the CLC.

Now after eucanetd is installed on the CLC and you reboot the CLC host, it is configured to start automatically because of  RHEL 6 way of managing service startups.

As we do not expect users to be using VPC mode under normal circumstances, what this would trigger is an issue found in eucanetd. eucanetd will create temporary files in /tmp filesystem and end up consuming all the free inodes available on the system.

This bug in eucanetd causes issues with operations and users might experience trouble with the CLC process not working as described here

Hence there are 2 issues affecting Eucalyptus 4.1.0 currently. These issues are well described in following tickets


As seen in the tickets mentioned earlier we have resolved the problem in Eucalyptus 4.1.1. Our recommendation is to upgrade Eucalyptus 4.1.0 to Eucalyptus 4.1.1

If in the meanwhile you cannot upgrade the software we highly recommend you to stop eucanetd service on the CLC and ensure it does not start automatically on the reboot of the host via performing the below steps (on CLC only)

service eucanetd stop

chkconfig eucanetd off 

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