Use of Empyrean URL with Eucalyptus Administration Tools


Eucalyptus Version: 3.2.2 and Greater

Use of Empyrean URL with Eucalyptus Administration Tools

Eucalyptus has a set of tools that are provided to the cloud administrator in order to get the status of the cloud.  These tools can be found in the 'eucalyptus-admin-tools' package, which is installed with the Cloud Controller (CLC) component.  The Eucalyptus Adminstration Tools (found under /usr/sbin on the Cloud Controller) are as follows :

  • euca-configure-vmware
  • euca-deregister-arbitrator
  • euca-deregister-cloud
  • euca-deregister-cluster
  • euca-deregister-storage-controller
  • euca-deregister-vmware-broker
  • euca-deregister-walrus
  • euca-describe-arbitrators
  • euca-describe-clouds
  • euca-describe-clusters
  • euca-describe-components
  • euca-describe-nodes
  • euca-describe-properties
  • euca-describe-services
  • euca-describe-storage-controllers
  • euca-describe-vmware-brokers
  • euca-describe-walruses
  • euca-generate-fault
  • euca-lictool
  • euca-modify-cluster
  • euca-modify-property
  • euca-modify-service
  • euca-modify-storage-controller
  • euca-modify-walrus
  • euca-register-arbitrator
  • euca-register-cloud
  • euca-register-cluster
  • euca-register-storage-controller
  • euca-register-vmware-broker
  • euca-register-walrus

By default, these tools will use the following Empyrean URL:

Due to a documentation bug mentioned in Eucalyptus Jira DOC-1221, cloud administrations may try to use the EC2_URL with these tools in an attempt to override the URL that the tools use.  If the EC2_URL is used with any of these commands when Eucalyptus DNS is enabled, the cloud administrator may see the following error:

$ euca-describe-clusters -U -S XCJ6sZVFVfFMR4DNVIUL7N7e4cgk8ebvEW0ej5dZ -I L4836KVYWMJCXT4T6Q6B9
/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/boto/ DeprecationWarning: BaseException.message has been deprecated as of Python 2.6
return self.message

If the cloud administrator wants to use a custom URL to override the URLs used by the Eucalyptus Administration Tools, it is recommended to use the Empyrean URL with these tools.  The Empyrean URL is the following:

http://<Cloud Controller IP>:8773/services/Empyrean/

For example:

$ euca-describe-clusters -U -S XCJ6sZVFVfFMR4DNVIUL7N7e4cgk8ebvEW0ej5dZ -I L4836KVYWMJCXT4T6Q6B9
CLUSTER LayinDaSmackDown GhettyGreen ENABLED {}

By following the recommendation above for the use of Empyrean URLs with the Eucalyptus Administration Tools, it will ensure that the tools will respond back with the correct information.

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