Instances cannot get meta-data (and user-data)



In cloud environment, instances can access to info which are called meta-data. Those are the one that can allow an instance to know its id, its address, and such things like roles, or SSH keys.

It is critical for users that their instances can get those info, otherwise we loose the the advantages of Cloud Computing.


You have Eucalyptus 3.X setup. Your get the EMIs (AMIs) from an official repository such as eustore.

All your components are working properly and in ENABLED state.

When you run an instance, it gets the cloud declares correctly a private IP.



You cannot access the meta-data service. Some cases:

  • curl on answers with 404
  • curl on time out


Case 1 - 404

This error means that the Cloud Controller (CLC) was not capable to identify which instance was querying the meta-data service. This can happen in Eucalyptus, if you are running a new instance in private networking mode, with a splited environment (Cluster Controller (CC) not on the same server as the CLC).

This issue is referenced here :

Case 2 - Timeout

This error is due to a pure networking issue : your instance is not capable to reach the CLC Meta-Data service. The easiest way to check this is to be sure that the connectivity is working.

See here for troubleshooting networking.


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