Tuned profiles for Eucalyptus


Eucalyptus Versions:  3.0 - Current


Red Hat and CentOS (and other distributions) provide a number of pre-defined performance profiles for specific use-cases using the tuned utility.  These profiles can be activated on hosts dynamically and automatically.  This article covers the recommended profiles for Eucalyptus components on RHEL6/CentOS6 hosts.

Setting a Profile

A profile can be set using the tuned-adm [1] command:

tuned-adm profile enterprise-storage

Recommended Profiles

Component Profile
Node Controller*

"virtual-host" or "enterprise-storage"

Storage Controller


Cluster Controller*

"throughput-performance" or "latency-performance"



Cloud Controller

"throughput-performance" or "latency-performance"

Object Storage Gateway

"throughput-performance" or "latency-performance"

* WARNING: On a node controller using EDGE OR a Cluster Controller co-located with the Storage Controller in MANAGED/MANAGED-NOVLAN, you must ensure that ip fowarding is enabled in sysctl.conf [2]


[1] https://access.redhat.com/site/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/6/html/Power_Management_Guide/tuned-adm.html

[2] https://www.eucalyptus.com/docs/eucalyptus/3.4/index.html#install-guide/enable_ip_forwarding.html

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