Using CloudBerry Explorer with Walrus


Eucalyptus Versions:  3.0 and above


CloudBerry Explorer is a freeware S3 browser utility for Windows by CloudBerry Lab.  It can be used to browse S3 and Eucalyptus Walrus, as well as other solutions.

Adding an Account

To get started using CloudBerry, you need to add an account.  Click File > S3 Compatible > Walrus:


Next, click "Add":


You will need to set a display name, a descriptive name for your account/connection. Next, provide the service point which is the URL and service path for Walrus. An example is shown above but will be of the following format:


Next, provide the access key (AWS_ACCESS_KEY) and secret key (AWS_SECRET_KEY) for your user.  These are the API keys found in your credential bundle from Eucalyptus, you can find them in your eucarc [1].



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