How to create a hvm type EMI



EUCALYPTUS supports two types of virtualization 

  1. Para-virtulaization ( PV )
  2. Full virtualization ( HVM )

HVM stands for Hardware-assited Virtual Machine.

more info will be found about virtualization type here.


For example we'll work with freebsd image.

In any NC (cause CLC doesn't have qemu-kvm/img installed normally): 
1. you can download the image from internet if you want (I have test with this one) 

2. qemu-img convert -O raw freebsd-10.0-fls-cloudimage-20140124.img freebsd-qemu-raw-10.0-fls-cloudimage-20140124_raw.img

In any machine which have euca2ools installed (normally CLC): 
3. euca-bundle-image -i ../freebsd-qemu-raw-10.0-fls-cloudimage-20140124_raw.img --arch x86_64 
(../ where the raw image placed)

4. euca-upload-bundle -b freebsd-raw-raw -m /var/tmp/<path>/<manifest>.xml 
e.g euca-upload-bundle -b freebsd -m /tmp/freebsd-qemu-raw-10.0-fls-cloudimage-20140124.img.manifest.xml

5. euca-register -n "freebsd raw raw" --arch x86_64 <output of last command> --virtualization-type=hvm (do not forget hvm) 
e.g euca-register -n "freebsd" --arch x86_64 freebsd/freebsd-qemu-raw-10.0-fls-cloudimage-20140124.img.manifest.xml --virtualization-type=hvm

You should get a EMI (eucalyptus machine image) id like "i-xxxxxxxx". Try to run an instance with the EMI id :)


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