Changing the Walrus bukkit path


Eucalyptus Versions:  3.0 and above.


There may come a time when you need to move your S3 bukkits (i.e. all of your S3 storage) to another filesystem, such as moving to a new device for more space.  To move your data, the process here is quite simple and is outlined below.

Remember, always take a backup before you start doing things like this!


Here is an example.  You have a Walrus server with 1TB of filesystem space in /var/lib/eucalyptus/bukkits.  You've run out of space and need to expand this but to do this you want to move all of that data onto a SAN backed LUN with new filesystem.  How do you get the data from old filesystem to the new?  It requires downtime but read on...

Stop Walrus

Stop the Walrus server.  If this is co-located with other Java services it'll stop them all, otherwise it'll just stop the S3/Walrus service:

# service eucalyptus-cloud stop

Copy Data

Copy the contents of the bukkit directory to its new location.  You might want to consider rsync over a period of time rather than doing this all at once, particularly if you have a very large amount of data.

# cp /var/lib/eucalyptus/bukkits/* /my/new/filesystem/

Next you can either mount this new filesystem into /var/lib/eucalyptus/bukkits or you can change the bukkit path entirely (assuming the CLC is running). 

Option 1 - Remount

Unmount the new filesystem, remove the old data from /var/lib/eucalyptus/bukkits.  Then, remount the new filesystem into this directory:

# mount /my/new/device /var/lib/eucalyptus/bukkits

Remember to check permissions, it should be owned by the eucalyptus user and group.  Make sure you edit your /etc/fstab for automatic mounting.

Option 2 - Changing the bukkit path

With your CLC services running, you can change the Walrus bukkit path to point to the new filesystem location.  To do this, use euca-modify-property run using the credentials of a user in the eucalyptus account:

# euca-modify-property -p walrus.storagedir=/my/new/filesystem
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