Timekeeping in instances with libvirt clock offset


Eucalyptus Versions: All


libvirt provides a method whereby guest clock synchronisation can be configured in the domain XML, which is the definiton for a guest machine.

By default the guest is configured to synchronise the guest clock to the host phyical machines configured timezone, using the "localtime" value[1].  This is not always optimal and can be changed.

Modifying the Eucalyptus libvirt template

Eucalyptus templates the libvirt machine definition for each instance via the libvirt.xsl file in /etc/eucalyptus/ on each node controller.  Open this file and modify the following line:

<clock offset="localtime" />

Change the value accordingly[2].  You will need to make this change on all of your node controllers if you wish for it to persistent and be the same for all instances.




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