Eucalyptus Severity Levels and Response Times


Eucalyptus is committed to making our customers and users successful. Below are the severity levels and initial response times for standard and premium levels of support.

Severity level Description Standard(1) Premium(1)
Severity 1
System down or an issue that severely impacts your use of the Eucalyptus Cloud software in a production environment. There is loss of production usage and/or data and there is no viable workaround. (Business is severely impacted.) 2 business hours 1 hour
Severity 2
An issue that limits your use of the Eucalyptus software in a production environment with the software functioning at a reduced level. The production environment is severely impaired with a temporary workaround available. (Business is impacted.) 4 business hours 2 hours
Severity 3
A non-critical issue in a production or development environment where business continues to function or development work can continue. The issue is not causing a significant business impact in production or development. There is a workaround. (Business impact is moderate to low.) 1 business day 8 business hours
Severity 4
General usage question, documentation issues or product enhancement requests in a production or development environment. (Business is not impacted.) 2 business days 1 business day

(1) Initial Response Times

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