Browsing the Enterprise Subscription Package Repository


Eucalyptus Versions:  3.0 and above.

Enterprise Packages

As a Eucalyptus subscription customer you will receive a Eucalyptus Enterprise release RPM contained within a subscription bundle.  Upon installation this RPM configures the repository definition file and places the RPM-GPG key and SSL certificate and key into the correct locations.  The certificate has validity for a defined period of time.

Browing the Repository

To be able to use the Firefox web browser to view the packages in the repository, you will need to import the x509 certificate in PKCS#12 format.


To convert, use the following command.  You will need the key and certificate contained within your subscription bundle and/or RPM.

# openssl pkcs12 -inkey /etc/pki/tls/private/eucalyptus-enterprise.key -in /etc/pki/tls/certs/eucalyptus-enterprise.crt -export -out browser-cert.pfx

Choose a password or leave blank.

Import into Firefox

To import the PKCS#12 file into Firefox, click "Options" > "Advanced" > "Certificates".  Select "Your Certificates" and click "Import" and select the file (browser-cert.pfx in the previous example).  Enter the password when promoted if you added one in the conversion steps.

The screenshot below shows the Certificate Manager in Firefox.




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