AWS EC2 Condition Keys Implemented in Eucalyptus


Eucalyptus Versions:  3.4.0 and Greater

AWS EC2 Condition Keys implemented in Eucalyptus

In IAM policy statements, there are conditions that can specify when controls are implemented.  This article covers the AWS EC2 condition keys supported and implemented in Eucalyptus. In AWS EC2, there are specific condition keys [1] that can be leveraged.  Below are the condition keys that Eucalyptus supports per availability zone (i.e. cluster):

  • ec2:AvailabilityZone
  • ec2:InstanceProfile
  • ec2:InstanceType
  • ec2:ParentSnapshot
  • ec2:Region
  • ec2:RootDeviceType
  • ec2:VolumeSize

Eucalyptus-specific condition:

For additional information regarding how these condition keys are used in Eucalyptus, please reference the Eucalyptus IAM 3.4 Cluster policies documentation on Github [2][3].  Policies can be generated by the AWS Policy Generator for EC2 policies [4].  


[1]  AWS EC2 User's Guide - Condition Keys for Amazon EC2
[2]  Eucalyptus IAM 3.4 Cluster Policies
[3]  Eucalyptus IAM 3.4 Cluster Policies Design
[4]  AWS Policy Generator



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